San Jose, Costa Rica: Costa Rica is recognized around the world for excellence in dental services, and has been earning the attention of many Americans seeking high-quality dental care at affordable prices. Colina Dental in Escazu, one of the most recognized dental clinics in Costa Rica is a global and national leader in a cutting-edge guided dental surgery process that is revolutionizing the way people receive dental implants. In addition to offering cutting-edge dental technologies, Colina Dental is leading the way to more affordable dental services by offering deeply discounted pricing with savings of 50%-80% over US dental prices.

Guided Dental Implant Surgery

Guided dental implant surgery is a computer-guided technology that utilizes digital CT Scans enhanced with special software to allow the dental surgeon to see every angle and plan an exact procedure for placing dental implants within the patient’s mouth.

Using the guided implant surgery process, dental surgeons create a precise surgery plan, locating the optimal locations to make incisions and determine the best path to the implant area. Because this process allows surgeons to see the human mouth in real-time 3D, they can avoid “hard-to-detect” problem areas, minimizing patient pain and surgery time.

“Colina Dental is the first dental clinic in Costa Rica to perform this cutting-edge dental surgery to give our patients the most efficient, pain-free dental implant services available,” says Julian Conejo, specialist in prosthodontics and dental implants with Colina Dental. “This process minimizes surgery time, dramatically reduces pain, and helps our patients heal faster than ever before. With some patients, we have been able to provide a full set of teeth in one day, which was unheard of before this procedure.”

Risk is present with any kind of surgery. However, new guided dental surgery technologies allow surgeons to plan solutions in advance for possible complications and help remove many of the uncertainties and risks associated with dental implant procedures.

Luciano Retana, a dental implant specialist with Colina Dental is confident that guided surgery technology will make dental implant surgeries easier, faster and less painful for patients. “This incredible technology allows us to see in real-time 3D, exactly what is happening inside our patient’s mouths,” says Retana. “Because we can work more efficiently and with less invasive procedures, many procedures are completed within 3 to 6 hours, which allows our patients to leave our offices with a complete, great-looking smile.”

At Colina Dental, our innovative guided surgery technique provides our patients with custom dental implant solutions that are a perfect fit every time…because they are tailor-made for each patient. A new procedure allows Colina dentists to provide a complete set of new teeth using only four implants. This process is known as the “All on Four” procedure. With the “All on Four” procedure, patients receive four implants and a complete set of new teeth that are affixed to the four new implants.

Colina Dental offers three kinds of dental implant procedures, including conventional implants, All-on-Four implants, and immediate-loading implants. Dr. Maricarmen Gutiérrez Moya, one of the founders of Colina Dental is amazed by the incredible advances in dental treatments over the past 36 years she has operated Colina Dental. “Even just a few years ago, implant patients would need to wait many months or even a full year to receive new teeth after their dental implants. Today, with Colina Dental, some patients receive a complete set of new teeth in a single day.”

For more than 36 years, Colina Dental has been providing innovative dental services in Costa Rica. As one of only four dental clinics in Costa Rica accredited with ProMed (Council for the International Promotion of Costa Rica Medicine) patients are assured that Colina Dental is one of the most recommended, highest quality dental clinics in Costa Rica.

A Step by Step Guide to Computer-Guided Dental Implant Surgery:

At Colina Dental, we want you to feel completely comfortable with our thorough dental implant process, and thrilled with the results. As one of only a few dental clinics in the world utilizing computer-guided surgery technology, we welcome you to experience a faster, more efficient and pain-free method of dentistry. Following is a step-by-step guide to our guided implant surgery process.

  1. Dental Exam. Each candidate will receive a comprehensive dental exam and an inspection of your complete oral health.
  2. CT Scan. Once your dental exam is complete, we will take a 3-dimensional x-ray of your entire mouth and jaw to use in planning your implant procedure. (Note: A dental CT scan provides significantly less exposure to radiation than medical grade CT scan).
  3. Treatment Plan Development. We will take the time to meet with you and discuss your goals, and will prepare a custom treatment plan with you in mind.
  4. Dental Impression & Model Development. To assist us in the surgery and implant process, an impression of your teeth is taken, which is developed into a model of your teeth. If you have dentures, an impression of your gums is taken to help us understand the natural contours of your mouth and gums.
  5. Surgical Guide Fabrication. Using the model of your mouth and the CT scan, our computer-based fabrication equipment will create a custom guided dental implant surgery template to map out the exact location of each implant, and to help the dental surgeon place your implants with absolute precision.
  6. Guided Dental Implant Surgery Procedure. When the custom mapping and planning are complete, our dental surgeons will place the implants in your mouth. If possible, temporary teeth are secured to your new implants. Your permanent teeth will be custom made by our professional dental lab technician team.
  7. Placement of Permanent Teeth. When the time is right, your temporary teeth will be removed, and your new permanent teeth will be secured to your implants.

At Colina Dental, we want to see you smile! We welcome you to contact us for more information about our computer-guided dental implant surgery procedures, and discover how Colina Dental can save you time, pain and a great deal of money over conventional dental implant procedures.

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