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Children & Kids Dental Procedures

Nothing is more beautiful than a child’s smile. While many dentists only offer adult dentistry services, Colina Dental is proud of our long history as one of the most recommended pediatric dentist offices in Costa Rica.

The pediatric dentists at Colina Dental understand that caring for the dental needs of your children is more than just filling cavities. A child’s first dental experience lasts a lifetime.

When you choose Colina Dental, we’ll do our best to get to know your child and will provide personal, attentive care based on their age, personality and dental needs. From cleanings, to fillings and everything in between, you can trust Colina Dental to care for your little ones and keep them smiling for many years to come.

What to Expect:

Kids are welcome at Colina Dental. When you arrive, our pediatric dental specialist will greet your children and may even play with them to break the ice. We have a special children’s waiting room and play area with TV and toys to make your children feel completely at home. When it’s time for the dental exam, your children will feel comfortable in special dental chairs outfitted with TVs on the ceiling. Your kids can change the channels and watch whatever they want while the pediatric specialist inspects and cleans their teeth. Gaining a child’s trust may take several visits. Our goal is to make each visit a time they will remember with a smile.

Parents are welcome to stay with their children during their visits. It’s important for parents to understand our procedures and to reinforce positive dental experiences at home. We believe in the importance of proper brushing techniques and encouraging healthy food choices to prevent many dental problems. During your visits, we’ll demonstrate new habits you can work on together at home.

Pain Free:

We want your children to remember their dental visits with a smile. At Colina Dental, children in need of dental work will receive a local anesthetic or nitrous oxide (laughing gas) to minimize any pain and keep them as comfortable as possible.

Orthodontics (Braces)

You CAN Have a Perfect Smile!

When most people think of orthodontics…they think of braces. But actually, orthodontics is a dental specialty dealing with the realignment of jaws and teeth to provide a natural bite, smile and facial balance.


The teenage years are critical for proper dental alignment and bite development. If your teen needs help correcting an improper bite or perfecting a smile, we can help. Colina Dental offers a variety of cutting-edge methods for correcting your bite and giving you the best possible smile.

From traditional metal braces to clear braces or invisible aligners, Colina Dental has the latest technology at incredible prices. Today, braces are smaller and more efficient than ever before. Discover how we can give you a beautiful, natural smile…faster and more affordable than ever.


Children as young as seven years old can benefit from braces. Children’s braces prevent future dental problems by correcting dental concerns early on. Children can also benefit from preventive orthodontics, such as space maintainers and habit breaking appliances, which eliminate the need for more extensive procedures in later years.


At Colina Dental, we can give you a perfect smile and correct any functional problems with your bite. While many of our patients are teenagers, a growing number of adults are turning to Colina Dental to get the smile they always wanted. Regain your confidence with a perfect, natural smile that lets your personality shine.

Many adults don’t want the metal braces they knew as a child. Instead, many are choosing clear braces to get the smile they want without compromising aesthetics. These new braces are crystal clear and never stain. Another method is Invisalign…a system that uses clear plastic trays to give you a beautiful smile and perfect bite without traditional brackets.

When To Bring Your Child To The Dentist

A child’s first visit to the dentist should occur between the ages of 2 and 3. At this age, we can identify and resolve problems including tooth decay, malformation and other dental health concerns. During your child’s first visit, we will discuss proper methods for tooth and gum care including brushing teeth, and regular dental care.

Trust Colina Dental to give your children smiles that will last a lifetime!

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Other dental services:

Periodontics (Gum Treatments)

If your hands bled when you washed them, you would be concerned. Yet, many people think it’s normal if their gums bleed when they brush or floss.

Colina Dental has earned the confidence, repeated business and valuable referrals of many international patients for one simple reason. We care.

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