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I really can’t say enough about my experience with Colina Dental. The care, skill and professionalism of the doctors and staff is the first thing that you will notice. It is not comparable to what I have experienced in the United States. And I should mention I have lived all over the United States in almost a dozen major cities. All of the doctors and staff that I dealt with were very fluent in English as well. The doctors gave me detailed explanations before each procedure as well as detailed instructions on how I cafor my surgery and each medication. Dr Gabriela was very thorough in her communication with me on all of the details before my trip. She also arranged my airport pick up and gave me hotel recommendations, including La Colina Inn, which is owned by the clinic. I ended up staying at La Colina Inn, and it was a wonderful experience. I will return in three months for the second and final stage of my dental work. I highly recommend La Colina Dental, not just for expensive
procedures such as implants, but for everything including cavities, cleaning and whitening. They are just exceptional.

As a follow up to my previous post. I want to explain my experience on my second visit. This visit included quite a bit of work. I worked with a few doctors and many of the dental assistants. The experience was just exceptional. And the results are amazing. Special recognition for Dr Luisana Echandi. She is highly skilled and a perfectionist. She explains every step of the process and fine tunes her work until it is absolutely perfect. Dr Fonseca is also just amazing and makes surgery easy and painless.

I can’t recommend Colina Dental high enough. They will make you smile! (Sorry for the bad joke but it’s true)

Austin King –  United States – January, 2024

Get ready for a long winded and detailed review! If your like me you will appreciate it! I needed a good deal of dental work done (four front crowns replaced, cavities, replace old amalgam fillings, a cleaning and a check on an old root canal). The work was looking to cost me over 12,000 dollars. I had heard of people going internationally for medical/dental vacations and decided to do research on that option. Given my personality (complete type A) I went full throttle into learning EVERYTHING that I could about traveling for dental work. I live in the southwest (US) so the first phase was me trying to find dentists in Mexico as it seemed the easiest and most logical place to go. All I seemed to go up against were sites and google searches that pushed you towards specific practices, fake reviews, pushy sales type patient coordinators, and horrible communication. You also can’t have any contact with the doctors prior to arriving, so that is a big red flag for me. Many of these dentists are not specialty trained as prosthodontist’s which you should insist on if you want cosmetic dentistry done. I was about at my wits end, felt overwhelmed, and the more I went down the rabbit hole the more I became super nervous about traveling internationally for the work.

My last effort was reaching out to an old neighbor, remembering she had gone to Costa Rica for dental. Was the best decision I have ever made. The practice she recommended, Colina dental, was INCREDIBLE. From my very first contact to the day I was taken to the airport after a week of dental work, I was BLOWN AWAY by the kindness and professionalism. I’ll say it again. BLOWN AWAY!!
Dr Gabriela Sibaja was my patient coordinator. She was extremely communicative, very informative and absolutely lovely. One of my days where I had some extra time, she asked if I wanted to accompany her to pick up her little boys from school and go to her fave papusa place. I mean, C’mon! I felt like family!

Dr Luisana Echandi did all my dental work. I have had a lot of dentists in my life (the big stuff started with a horse accident at 14yrs old). Never had ANY of them been soooo thorough nor as much of a perfectionist as she. Multiple times I would have the lab tech, the founder Dr Maricarmen, Dr Echandi, and Dr “gabby” standing over me discussing the most minute details for the creation my front crowns. It was like nothing I had ever experienced. Every step was discussed, she showed me all that she was doing and never pushed me to have extra work done. It was always in my control what I did and did not want to do. Such a relief.

The office itself is modern and Clean. The technology used is top notch and they are very punctual with appointments. The drs and staff are fastidious about sanitation. A clean freak like my self very much appreciated the constant changing of gloves, gowns, and tools. They were better about it than my last dentist here at home.

I stayed at the little BnB the practice owns and that in and of itself was a 5 star experience. If you go, and want a lovely place to rest your head in between appointments or breaks in dental work, this is perfect! Two steps away and you’re in this modern, super clean, welcoming spot. Ana, your host, is a gem of all gems. (See separate review of the la Colina inn).

In conclusion, and the most important part of all this is that my teeth look absolutely incredible. The crowns are more beautiful than I could have hoped for!!! Yes, I even cried tears of joy when I saw the final crowns placed. Real tears! They even fit more comfortably in my mouth than the original ones I had done 13 years ago. Crazy, but I even pronounce certain words better and more accurately. Who knew that could be a benefit?!?!

The experience overall was more stars than there are in the sky. ❤️

Thank you to the whole team at La colina.

PAMELA ROSSMAN New Mexico, 2024

Every time I walk into Colina Dental, I am greeted with a “hello” and a warm smile. I feel as though I am a part of the Colina Dental family – and my children actually remind me to make their appointments with the dentist.

I have had excellent experiences with the Colina Dental team – for my children as well as the many procedures I have had done as well.

Caring doctors, friendly staff and an almost pain-free dental visit every time. Who could ask for more?

Terri Cate – Escazu, Costa Rica

I had an amazing experience at Colina Dental. Doctor Gaby and Doctor Gillen were very professional, helpful and they took their time with me to make sure I was happy, they really cared. I came down 2 months ago and got a mapping of my teeth done and a preview of what the final product would look like. This week I came down and got the whole job done, I am very pleased with my results, my teeth look amazing and I will be recommending all that I know to come here to get there to work done in the future . The venares on top of my teeth look and feel very natural and strong. Thank you and your entire staff!!!!!

Liddell Baker – October, 2022

Charlotte Miller Shafer, Dr. John Gillen and Martha Annette Addington
Colina Dental is an exceptional facility with the most advanced technology in dentistry.

It has a very clean and inviting appearance the moment you walk through the door.

The staff and doctors make a compassionate team. They discuss the various procedures and answer and explain in great detail what to expect before and after the procedure.

Charlotte Miller Shafer – August, 2022

Tina & Lee
My husband needed some dental work for years, by chance we became aware of the dental tourism on our travels in Costa Rica. After visiting a few dental practises my husband decided to put his trust into Colina, as there was a much more personal touch than with others.

My husband had a full mouth restoration, Dr.Clare was very thorough and reassuring, explaining each step as they progressed through the treatment.

Just finished now the second stage after the implants have healed and he feels very happy showing a beautiful smile and being able to eat with a full set of teeth again .

On the second visit of my husband,I decided to have my teeth checked through and had some fillings replaced and new crowns fitted.

This was great, Dr.Clare is very skilled and reassuring, even with people like me , who is pain and dentist phobic . It was a very positive experience and Ana managed to fit both our appointment schedule, so we were still able to travel and spend time away from San Jose.

Both of us would recommend Colina 100% .

Kind Regards

Tina & Lee – England

Mr. Andrew Curl, Dr. John Gillen and Kelly Curl (Atlanta, USA)
My husband and I have been coming to Colina Dental for 3 years now. My husband needed quite a lot of dental work and the estimates that we received in our town outside of Atlanta, Georgia was as much as a sports car. I had a friend who was a patient at Colina and suggested we get a quote. I called the toll free number and spoke to the lovely office manager Ana. She asked me to send my husband’s X-rays so the doctor could study them. We then went for a consultation. The facility is state of the art and more modern than ours in Atlanta. We met Dr. John Gillen. He put us at ease immediately. He had already studied my husband’s X-rays, examined him, and wanted an X-ray on their machine as it was 3-D. He gave his opinion and offered a solution and a plan. I want to let people know he followed his plan exactly with no surprises. And the cost was substantially less and the quality better. We just returned from Colina in December. The plan is complete and he has beautiful teeth! And the safety standards at Colina with COVID-19 was unbelievable. They take it extremely serious as does the entire country of Costa Rica. We highly recommend Colina Dentistry. Give Ana a call and get more information. It is easy. We now call the staff our friends and will continue to go to the beautiful country of Costa Rica and Colina Dentistry.

Kelly Curl (2020)

Dr. Mauricio Clare and William Merritt ( USA and CR)
I have just finished with my upper jaw problems with Dr. Clare. He was extremely professional and explained exactly what he was about to do before each procedure.

This included a sinus lift, a bone graft, extraction, two implants and two crowns over the implants.

Their facilities are immaculate with very modern equipment I have never seen in the States. The procedures are first class to deal with the pandemic. You are prepared as if you are going into a hospital for an operation

Including gown, head and foot wear.

I highly recommend Colina Dental.

William Merritt (2020)

Mr. Coley Brown (Annette’s boyfriend)
I travel from the USA with my boyfriend to Costa Rica for “costly” dental work and this is an excellent group. My boyfriend has had an extraction, bovine replacement, two implants and a few crown replacements. We just got back again on November 15, 2020 and although I did not have dental work done, I sat in the office while he did for a week. Sometimes for 2 or 3 appointments in one day. This group is very detail-oriented, they are perfectionists and the assisting staff is wonderful. Whatever your dental need is, they can accommodate it. And of course, the prices are crazy great compared to U.S. prices. If you don’t speak English, you can speak with Anna and she will set up and assist you through the entire scheduling process. I cannot say enough good things about what I saw going on while spending so much time in their office waiting. They do really good work, they are really a good group of professionals, and most of all they are caring people.

Annette Carlson (2020)

The service provided for the oral cleaning and revision was very professional and friendly. They have fairly robust protocols for COVID-19.

Catherine Herrera, December 2020.

I came to Colina Dental after doing a lot of research to find the best place. I carefully read the comments of patients from various places and decided on Colina Dental. The experience has been excellent, both for the quality of the treatment, as well as the professionalism of Dr. Maricarmen Gutierrez, her Assistant Carol, Vicky in the Administration and all the reception staff. I went for several treatments, but from day one I decided to stay and be his patient.

José Campos, November 2020.Ana (Colina Dental customer care ), Nigel and Terrie Calder
Terrie, Kate and I want to thank Colina Dental for the fantastic care we have experienced. Between us we have had extractions, root canals, fillings, implants, crowns and miscellaneous other treatments, so we have covered the full range of modern dentistry! It has all been done with care, kindness and great professionalism. We are happy to have Ana (customer care) to use us as a reference with other customers. Thanks again!

Nigel, Terrie and Kate (May 2019)

I called and got an immediate appointment speaking in English. The doctor explained the cost which was reasonable. The premises are clean with a nice view and latest technology. The service was excellent A+. I needed a root canal and new crown. They are equal to the best dentists in the USA.

Fahim Shah (March 2019)

Nicole Colledge, Dra. Claire Arnould and Tanner Colledge
I found Colina Dental online and was initially hesitant to get dental work done in another country. I had put off fixing a front chipped tooth and decided that a vacation to Costa Rica would be a good excuse to finally get it fixed. Ana promptly responded to my email and was very helpful and answered my every question. Upon arriving at Colina Dental I was impressed with the beautiful facilities and immediately felt at ease with the choice I had made. Dr. Claire was very kind and helpful by explaining the procedures and making sure I was satisfied with her work. After years of having middle aged white men with big fingers work on my teeth, I must say that I was pleasantly surprised that Dr. Claire was an attractive woman. Although this has nothing to do with the exceptional care I was given, I definitely consider it added to my overall experience. Thanks again Colina dental!

Tanner Colledge (January 2019)

Mike Mc Namee and Joan Madrid
We live in Tampa Florida. We were going on a bus tour in Costa Rica. We also wanted to go to the dentist. I looked on the internet and colina had good reviews. I made an appointment for after our bus trip. When I arrived we knew we made the right choice. After the exam we both needed more work then we knew. We added a few more days and they were so good to fit us in between patients. They even came in special on Saturday to do surgery. I got lucky also Dr. Gutierrez son was visiting, so he was able to work on my teeth. When all was finished we both were so pleased. Besides that we are so grateful to all of them for going above and beyond. Ana even took us to the grocery store and to our hotel. So do we recommend colina they are a great dentist.

Joan Madrid (September 2018)

Ana and Margie Delafield
Thanks for your warm note and answers to my questions! No one here can believe how well I’m doing or how happy I seem about extensive dental work. I feel like a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders and I can trust that we’ll find solutions to any ongoing problems. Thank you all.

It is Thanksgiving here next Thursday and we are off to be with our sons and their families. Because you could help me last week, I will not be worrying about work to be done in January. For me, that is a gift for which I thank you all!

Margi Delafield (November 2018)

Rafael Escobar (Hawai, USA)
I have been in to many different dentistry’s in my lifetime. Not having the best teeth I’ve had to have the majority of my teeth replaced with crowns and implants. I’ve spent tens of thousands of dollars and many hours in dental offices in the United States. They all were good dentists with the majority of the work done being satisfactory. But I have found Colina Dental in Escazú Costa Rica to be the finest dentistry I have ever been to. With their team of highly educated doctors providing the most advanced state of the art dental services I’ve ever seen. I felt very comfortable and relaxed with the warmest, welcoming and professional staff taking care of me during my visits. Even though I don’t speak Spanish very well all of the staff spoke enough English that I had no problem with fully understanding everything that was being done and communicating with them about my concerns and feelings during my visits. In closing I would strongly recommend Colina Dental to anyone that wants to have exceptional dental work done by caring professionals for a very reasonable price.

Rafael Escobar (August 2018)

I, like many, procrastinated for years over much needed dental work until suddenly, the zigzag of life brought me here to Colina Dental. For whatever reason I immediately trusted them, and they did not let me down. In one week, these extraordinary professionals restored me to health. They have not only proven to be first-class, excellent dental professionals–but also incredibly kind, patient, warm and loving. From the dental assistants to the impressive array of dental specialists, to Ana our wonderful patient coordinator–I felt utterly taken care of every step of the way. Everything was explained to me simply and clearly by Dr. Madrigal, who has 20 plus years of experience as a periodontist. She has an incredible hand, and performed a lot of surgery on me with great precision, and without causing me any pain. It’s been a wonderful, deeply humane medical experience. Have you ever felt the urge to hug your dentist? You will here! The icing on the cake is Costa Rica, a most beautiful country and culture.

Domi Enders (2018)

100% recommended, very grateful for her services and treatment that is excellent.

Lau V Rodriguez – San Jose, Costa Rica, 2017

Excellent service. Pediatric dentistry is wonderful with children. Super grateful.

Hellen Perlaza Bustamante – San Jose, Costa Rica, 2017

Incredible. Way beyond my expectations, I’m not sure that I want to trust US dentists any more. My dentist Dr. Maricarmen Gutierrez was very friendly she stopped to sit and talk to me in the waiting room. She was never in a rush and very thorough. She showed me everything as she was doing it and explained everything to make sure I understood. She is a very sweet lady. Best experience I’ve ever had with dentists and I highly recommend. I will be back.

Zak Ballard (November 2017)

Dra. Maricarmen Gutierrez y Kevin McLoughlin
From the minute I first spoke to Ana Balbina and explained what I wanted done with my teeth, she were very accommodating and put me at ease. There was no pressure in our consolation which is why I decided to move forward with visiting Colina, Thanks to her!

As one who has travelled all over the world but has never received medical care abroad, I was a little hesitant when I first arrived to have my teeth done. Even waiting in your beautiful reception area, I was still a little concerned. But then inside looking at the clinic Drs. Gutierrez and Conejo built with 12 state of the art Dental Suites, I felt more relieved. When I met Dra. Gutierrez and after the consultation, I knew I made the right decision. During my consultation with Dra. Gutierrez, she listened to everything that I wanted to do, but also pointed out in her kind way, what really needed to be done in order to have the optimal results. At first, I was a little hesitant, but now know that I will always listen to her recommendation. Her recommendation and Karol’s assistance throughout the procedure really made me a happy patient.

As you know I just finished my 2nd trip to SJO for my lower restoration and ALL is fantastic. I’ll see them for my last visit in early 2018 to complete the last few back crowns.

Love and Kisses- XOXO

Kevin McLoughlin (November 2017)

Absolute BEST dental care I have ever received !!! Look online as I did and you will see why Colina is the best! Their staff of surgeons, doctors, assistants are the most professional dedicated, hard working, devoted people I have ever had work on me.The main reason I chose Colina in the beginning was their on site, ultra modern up to date 3-D Lab. Located upstairs. I needed root canal and crown work, they can have your teeth ready the next day, amazing top quality work, you won’t find better work or staff !!! Be aware their are other clinics in the San Jose area but they may send you out to other clinics, for work , where as here everything can be accomplished under one roof! I hope to return for more work in the future! Ms. Anna Alfaro, patient coordinator, can help with great English! Uber service is great and inexpensive here I recommend once in San Jose or Escazu. I really love the San Jose area, beautiful place!!!!! 5+ stars

David Carpenter (2017)

TOP Dental Clinic, amazing professionals, real ‘humanity’ and care for their patients – that’s priceless! Fully equipped and staffed to provide the best, fastest and dedicated professional service, giving you a new confidence and a reason to smile.

I can’t THANK them enough, but I can recommend them to everyone that needs serious dental treatment – don’t hesitate to ask me about my experience and results.

Ilana Bernstein (2017)

Dearest Ana,

I wanted to write to you, the clinic and Dra. Maricarmen Gutierrez and thank everyone there at the clinic for the help, support and great service and experience I received.

Ana, you helped me in my coordination of the time frame I needed so I could plan ahead my flights, hotels and work around my trip to Costa Rica. You were always there for any questions that I had.

Dra Maricarmen was very patient with me and my uncontrolling tongue she had to fight with to install my 6 new crowns. She performed very beautiful work on the installation of my new crowns. Tell her thank you very much.

Everyone there from the receptionists to Dra. Maricarmen’s assistant down to the person that made my crowns I thank you very much. To everyone there Pura Vida.

Thanks again,

Bill Collins (2017)

Stephen Peters (Canada)
I had to have implant surgery performed on both my upper and lower jaws and after researching the costs at home (Toronto, Canada) decided to investigate having the work done in Costa Rica. I had heard that Colina Dental in San Jose was a first class dental office and were versed in the type of work that I needed. I contacted Ana (the Customer Care Co-ordinator) and she requested that I send down the xrays that I had done. Colina Dental came back with estimates for several treatment options that were well below the prices I would have paid at home even after factoring in the airfare and hotel etc. for two trips. I went down in March 2017 for the initial work (extractions and implant surgery) and Dr. Mauricio Clare and Dr John Gillen were involved in the work and it went well. The doctors are very professional and displayed a very caring attitude during my time in the chair. All of the assistants were also extremely professional and just as importantly very friendly. Everything went well and I returned for the second and final phase in August 2017. Dr. Clare and the professionals working on the final product did a great job and the work and results from my perspective were outstanding. I would highly recommend Colina Dental for any dental work. All my dealings were extremely professional, the costs were as quoted and the staff (from the receptionists on up) were just great. A special thanks again to Dr. Clare, Dr. Gillen, Ana and all the others that made my visit very comfortable.

Stephen Peters (Sep 21, 2017)

OMG I would like to thank Colina Dental in Escazu Costa Rica especially the staff Dr. John Gillen Who performed the surgery on my implants there was never one ounce of pain or swelling he is a true professional the facility state of the art I would also like to thank Ana Balbina Alfaro of Customer care who helped set up all the appointments because I do not speak very good Spanish. The whole staff she speaks English and it was very easy to get along there. Also I would like to thank Dr. Tatiana Madrigal. Periodontist. If ever you would like to go and have your teeth done on vacation I recommend Colina Dental very highly and the price is right

Ralph White (2017)

Last Sunday my granddaughter had a very severe tooth pain. When we looked at her teeth we realized that she had a hole and despite being Sunday at 10 o’clock at night I called Dr. Gutierrez, who was traveling and returning to San José. She asked us to send her pictures of her tooth and we did.

He immediately called us and asked us to be in the office in one hour and when we arrived the pediatric dentist called by Drs Conejo and Dr. Ana Lucia Azofeifa was already there, who with great skill reassured my granddaughter and anesthetized her and she was able to work on her.

The Rabbit doctors were always assisting the pediatric dentist, of whom my granddaughter thinks that she has magic hands because she quickly took away the pain!

We do not have words of thanks for the doctors not only for their professionalism but also for their human qualities.

Mercedes Daneri – San Jose – Costa Rica, 2016

One of your competitor estimate was slightly below this price..but, I would prefer to have Colina Dental treat me. I like your professionalism and quick response to emails

Larry Rogers (2016)

Jodie and Kirk Pifer (Hawai, USA)
It all started with my husband needed some extensive dental work. And he wanted to get dental work done before his teeth start to hurt. So, Ana in Customer Care recommended Dr. John Gillen Quiros and Dr. Mauricio Clare Castro. They worked on my husband it took about a week and all I have to say is Job Well Done! They are very professional and have a lot of passion in their work that they do it’s nice to see that. My husband is already healing from his first stage of procedure that we have made plans to go back in May for his second stage of procedure to complete the job. And this all happened Thanks to Ana Balbina Alfaro she is Customer Care! Ana went way out of her way to make my husband and I feel safe and comfortable in San Jose, Costa Rica.

Our family and friends were concerned about us making these plans to have dental treatment done in Costa Rica. But Ana helped us make that decision by her pure personal customer service!

After talking to her a few times she gave us enough confidence to take this leap of faith.

Oh, when you arrive at Colina Dental you’ll be greeted by their Receptionists they were so kind and very helpful to all our needs. We’re so grateful to have met the Colina Dental staff!

I highly recommend to who ever needs extensive dental work done to consider Colina Dental! They will professionally take good care of you from the start to finish and for a lot less of a cost of having it done in the U.S.A. Most of all making it a Vacation Trip as well!
Love Pura Vida!

Jodie and Kirk (2016)

Thank you for your time and setting up my appointment today. Because of your interest and care, I have chosen Colina Dental, over many other dentists in Costa Rica

Kim Reese (2016)

I am forever grateful to Colina Dental for how they improved self confidence in myself ! In the past I was very self conscious of my teeth! This stemmed from a childhood trauma & being teased constantly as a child!

I arrived at Colina a few years ago as a frightened, fearful, scared mess! I was petrified of the dentist & the sound of the drill tools! I needed extensive dental work from having not been to a dentist in years! Everyone at Colina was very encouraging to me constantly taking extra time assuring & comforting my needs / requests!

Colina is a true family of dentists! They treat you like a member of the family & it puts you at ease! The family atmosphere also extends to customer care! Ana is the contact person who handles all of your patient needs / questions in a very timely professional courteous manner! Also, it is very nice to see the smiling faces of the same receptionists & dental assistants!

Thanks for welcoming me into your family! Colina Dental is the #1 destination in the world for all my dental needs!

Thomas Francis (2016)

My experience at Colina Dental far surpassed my expectations. Professional, kind, and accommodating, everyone at this family-run business made my experience wonderful (insomuch as dental work can be!)

Ana, in Customer Care, was my initial and primary contact there. Right from the start she was professional, friendly and prompt in her communications. It was largely because of her that I chose Colina over the other clinics I researched. Meeting her in person only reinforced my opinion. She is an example of what excellent customer service is, and should be. Many people in the customer service industries would benefit from taking some lessons from her.

The dentists were all specialists, and exercised precision and meticulousness in their work. Further, they were fair in their assessments, not doing more than required (I had expected to have four root canals but only needed two, so was able to reallocate my funds to get some additional work done). I had not one minute of hesitation with any care they suggested or provided. I ended up with beautiful real-looking teeth and I’m proud to smile. I could not have afforded them at Canadian prices. To boot, I was able to have a great vacation in Costa Rica!

Tony Short (2015)

Jared and Ayami Hale (Massachusets, USA )
Dear Colina Dental, We want to thank you very much for excellent dental care and superior customer service! Clearly, you made us part of your family. At the start Ana Balbina Alfaro, the International Customer Care specialist, earned our trust by answering all of our questions. She was warm and enthusiastic in every email.

Communication of this kind is rare, thus we felt comfortable choosing your practice.When we arrived for our first appointment, we were greeted with smiles by Ana and the ladies at the front desk.The design of Colina Dental is quite inviting, including the plants, the International Guest waiting room, free wifi and television. The cappuccino added to the hospitality. More though, Colina Dental is the most technologically advanced practice we have ever visited. Everything is made with their onsite dental lab, CAD/CAM technology, and 3D dentistry- the website says it all, and the practice does it all!

Our Endodontist, Dr. Oscar Conejo, and his family of experts were unique to us. They kindly explained each procedure and cautiously handled, to us, a complicated and infected tooth in need of a root canal.

Dr. Clare is an experienced prosthodontist who cares about his work. He always greeted us with a handshake and smile. He worked hard to make sure our work could be finished and still maintain a high standard of treatment.

Coming to Costa Rica for dental work was a great decision. But coming to Colina Dental made the difference! Not only was the cost a great savings, but the people are ethical and honest.

Thank you again Colina Dental! You have our permission for future clients to contact us directly for reference.

Jared and Ayami from Massachusetts (2015)

Don and Barbara Uecker
Thank you Colina Dental! We are extremely pleased with the outcome of our dental vacation in Escazu at Colina.

After much research on the Internet looking at dental tourism in Costa Rica, then email and phone discussions with Colina’s Ana Balbina Alfaro, Customer Care Rep and Dr. Julian Conejo Gutierrez, my husband and I found ourselves in Costa Rica beginning our dental adventure. Traveling in other countries is not new to us but pursuing dental (or medical) treatment was – and we had a tiny bit of apprehension at first.

From the moment we arrived in the office until we left Costa Rica 10 days later we had nothing but the best care and attention at Colina. The ladies at the front desk, Ana, and, of course, the dentists Dr. Julian Conejo and Dr. Maricarmen Gutierrez, along with all the other dentists, specialists and professionals, were all easy to work with, helpful and friendly. We both appreciated Dr. Conejo’s professionalism and thoroughness during the preliminary exam and then the explanation and presentation of his findings and suggested treatment. We were impressed by the gentleness and thoroughness in completing the procedures that were then performed by Dr. Conejo and other professionals on the staff during the week of treatment. It was always well orchestrated and we never felt hurried or concerned about our treatment (which between us consisted of 1 implant, 1 bridge, 3 crowns, 3 old fillings removed and replaced, 2 veneers, periodontal cleanings and whitening – all with state-of-the-art technology, up-to-date equipment, in-house professional labs and hygienic practices.)

It was a great travel/dental adventure that saved us more than ½ compared to US dentist costs. We will not hesitate to return in the future and would recommend Colina without reservation.

Don and Barbara Ueckert – Coeur d’Alene, Idaho USA

Gerry Crosby
Thank you so much for all the wonderful care and attention and also for the marvelous dental work.

I highly recommend Colina Dental. I was first interested because of their CAD/CAM and 30 minute crowns. During my visit, I received a recommendation from Dr. Julian Conejo for restoration of my teeth. His detailed recommendations and commitment to non-invasive work, together with an unbelievably low quote convinced me to choose Colina Dental.

In the process of doing the work, there were new issues that arose such as additional cavities, a cracked tooth, a possible dead tooth, and a post that needed replacing. As each problem arose, the doctors simply kept moving and fixing everything. There was no delay and the regular work kept on schedule. The doctors (Dr. Julian Conejo & his mother Dr. Maricarmen Gutierrez) were very gentle and were always concerned about my comfort. Six days after basically showing up on your doorstep, I was completely finished ( two crowns, 4 veneers, 3 inlays, removal of three old amalgam fillings, replacement of 14 discolored fillings, a new post for one tooth, zoom whitening plus a night guard.

The original quote was honored completely even though Dr. Gutierrez found more fillings that needed to be done and Dr. Conejo made me a night guard. I was amazed that the total cost was under $5,000 U.S.

The family works as a team and they were all friendly, professional and efficient. If anyone is interested in talking to me on the telephone, I would be happy to do so.

I had a recent cleaning with my dentist in Canada and they were impressed with the quality of the work done.

Gerry Crosby

It has been over one year since meeting the amazing team at Colina Dental. I would like to share my great experience with anyone wanting to visit Costa Rica for a dental vacation. After being told here in Canada that I would need to have all on four dental implants, and the cost of having this done, I began to look elsewhere and found Colina Dental.

After many weeks of emailing back and forth, the staff at Colina sent me a detailed treatment plan, estimate and payment plan which were very reasonable. With the help of dear Ana who is the international office consultant, I was able to make all of my arrangements for my stay in Escazu, Costa Rica.

The whole team at Colina Dental made me feel very confident in the care that I was receiving and were prompt and thorough in answering all of my questions. Every appointment was well planned and scheduled so I was prepared for the work being done, and all of the treatment exceeded my expectations. I would like to extend a special thanks to Dr Clare, the prosthodontist who delivered the amazing results that I am now able to show off.

To anyone looking for top quality care and results, I strongly recommend a visit to Colina Dental for a great smile.

Carol Brault

Our trip back was very nice and on time. We flew into Baltimore, MD where my two daughters live, and visited with them for a few days before driving back to Michigan. My children were anxious to see my dental work, and were very impressed.

Your time and effort spent organizing my dental schedule, our stay at Villa Del Rios, and recommendation for attractions/dining (the restaurant Ram Luna was really neat) were all very much appreciated. I am so happy to have met you. You made our entire stay in CR so easy. Barbara and I really enjoyed your country.

I could not be happier with the dental care I received, and truly appreciate the service of Dr. Maricarmen (please say hello for me). I also feel that Dr. Julian did a brilliant job in positioning my implants (he is a very gifted caring surgeon). The dental work has made a big difference in my life. It is so nice to eat normal again, and I feel and look great (beautiful work). I tell all my friends about the care I received, and recommend they should consider Colina Dental for their care if extensive work is needed. It is surely worth the trip, and one gets to do some touring in a beautiful country.

Should I return to CR sometime again, I will stop to visit you all. Again thanks for everything. My best wishes to entire staff. You have a great clinic.

Richard Febey

I would like to thank you for everything you did for me to make my trip to Colina Dental so exceptional. From our initial contact, through our correspondence, and finally through our everyday contact, you were wonderful and I don’t think anyone could ask for someone to do a better job.

Thank you so much.

I would also like you to pass along to Keren and (the other) Ana for being so pleasant and helpful at the front desk. They were always in such a pleasant mood just great to be around.

For anyone concerned about the quality of work such as the concerns my wife had, let me tell you I have been to quite a few dentists in the states mainly in CT and I would rank them with the best of the best. Better than the dentist I had been going to for over 25 years, who was supposedly one of the best in our area. I had some pretty extensive work done here, from implants, root canal, to Crowns and I was very happy with all four of the dentists that did work on me. I could carry on about each of the doctors and for different reasons. The perfectionist, the touch, the care, and my favorite the glow. Most people won’t be concerned over those aspects so I will mention the one that they would be concern about, the quality of work and there they all shined at Colina Dental.

Another aspect that made Colina so great was having a lab right on premise and where I would have had to wait a week at another dentist most lab procedures were done the same day. Having all the latest technology really helps. Great lab and digital technology.

So please let everyone know I was more than pleased to have been lucky enough to use Colina Dental as my dentist.

George L’Hommedieu

I arrived in Costa Rica on holiday from Ireland with no intention of getting dental treatment, however due to a little accident I broke a front tooth, right in the root. By chance I found Colina Dental, it turned out to be one of the luckiest finds of my life. Looking only for emergency repair I was greeted by Dr Maricarmen and her team, very quickly I realized these people were kind and compassionate experts, with the very latest state of the art equipment, in a beautiful and hygienic clinic.

I felt very comfortable having the full repair work carried out, in this case an implant.

On discovering the cost and fantastic value on offer I decided on a full check-up and stayed to have quite a bit of additional work.

There was no question of getting the final crown over implant done in Europe, Colina Dental was the place for me. So I booked a return trip and even brought my brother, now we are both delighted with our smiles.

So thank you to all at Colina, your quality, expertise, hygiene and compassionate care are the standard by which all dentists should be judged.

Kevin Murphy

Have you ever hugged your dentist?

I hadn’t either until I met Dr. Gutierrez at Colina Dental, Costa Rica. I saw her every day for four days, and I hugged her every time I left her office, as I was so grateful for the wonderful and compassionate treatment I was receiving.

I selected Colina Dental for my porcelain veneers because of their in-house lab, and I am so glad I did! I arrived on Monday, expecting to get 4-6 veneers to cover some teeth where the bonding came off, leaving gashes in the teeth. They looked terrible. The two US dentists I had consulted suggested just covering the four teeth with veneers for $4800. Dr. Gutierrez took one look at my mouth and said “we should do something about your bite.” My teeth have always met in the front; never having the upper teeth in front of the lowers. I was so excited that she should suggest such a thing, but it would require twelve veneers, and I had only four days to get it all done. Dr. Gutierrez rearranged her schedule, and the work was complete in time for my return flight. My veneers are beautiful, and I am so grateful to Dr. Gutierrez for making my mouth “normal” for the first time in my life! The cost of the 12 veneers which completely changed my mouth was $5400; only slightly more than the 4 veneers in the US, which would have only covered the gashes, but left my poor bite in place!

Everyone I met at Colina Dental was wonderful. The first contact is with the beautiful Ana, who schedules your appointments with the appropriate specialist. The lovely receptionist who greets you in English and with a big smile is Greta. The skilled technician who cleaned my teeth was Claire, and Dr. Gutierrez’s kind assistant is Lorena. Last but not least, is Fabiano (the Fabuloso)! He is the dental lab technician (artist) who built my veneers. Dr. Gutierrez involved him in every step of the process; designing in his lab what he and Dr. Gutierrez envisioned for my strange bite! I appreciate his efforts. Dr. Gutierrez told me that Fabiano had worked until 10 p.m. the night before my veneers appointment, to complete my veneers on time and to their exacting standards. I don’t know how one could get great personal and fast service unless there is an in-house lab and an amazing dental lab technician like Fabiano!

I feel so fortunate (and blessed) to have found the kindness and skill of Dr. Gutierrez and her team. Knowing that she is a perfectionist and a founder of the practice with her husband Oscar (Julian is their son) I would feel comfortable with any of the dentists on the staff at Colina Dental. They must all be extraordinary, or Dr. Gutierrez wouldn’t permit them to practice in her family business.

I love my new smile. Thank you Dr. Gutierrez and Colina Dental!

Lynne Bass

I am emailing to express my thanks for the great work of the entire dental team at Colina Dental. I have been going to Colina clinic for several years for routine dental care. It is a great way to escape the harshness of winter in Canada, enjoy the sunny warmth of Costa Rica, and get quality dental care at a fraction of the cost I would pay in Canada. I have found all the professionals to be highly qualified, caring, and very customer focused. All the staff are friendly, courteous, and most are able to converse in English.

This year I had some issues beyond routine care. I had a crown done by Dr. Maricarmen Gutierrez, and several old fillings replaced that Dr. Gutierrez felt were on the verge of causing me some problems. I can’t say that sitting in a dentist’s chair for four hours over two days is as much fun as sitting at the beach, but Dr. Gutierrez and her assistants were pleasant and attentive to my comfort during the full extent of my visit.

I am quite pleased with the end result and I paid less than half what the work would have cost me in Ottawa. Like many dental insurance plans my plan does not cover crowns and the cost of the crown and my airfare combined were less costly than I would have paid for the crown in Ottawa. Colina clinic is a modern, well maintained dental facility with all state of the art equipment. I strongly recommend Colina clinic to any American or Canadian in need of their services.

Thanks again. I look forward to seeing you again next winter!

Barry Sohn

I had the enormous luck and pleasure of booking an appointment with Colina Dental this last week as part of a vacation to Costa Rica. From my first contact with Colina, the staff has been very helpful and efficient at every step. It was easy to book an appointment from my home in California and I had a good idea of the procedure, how long it would take, and what it would cost before I left home.

The office is modern and gorgeously appointed; there is glass opening up to private gardens from the lobby and every chair, tropical and exotic palms make sitting in the chairs a pleasure. The equipment is top notch, immaculate, and state of the art. The staff was warm and highly knowledgeable, explaining the processes at every step in English, which was nice since my Spanish is less than fluent. The doctor was fast and efficient, but always took time to be thorough. I had a deep cleaning, which was so gentle compared to cleaning I’ve had at home.

I had a bridge, which required prep work and Novocain, which for the first time in my life I didn’t feel the injection. There was no pain! The bridge perfectly matches the color of my teeth and looks very natural in my new smile. And lastly, I was able to fly down, have a ten day vacation in beautiful Costa Rica, and still pay less for everything than I would have at home for work that mightn’t have been as good. It was nice to be treated so well. I would recommend Colina Dental for their professionalism and first rate facilities as well substantial savings.

Thank You,

Michael Knowlton

I am very happy to tell you that everything is excellent with my dental work done at Colina Dental. I have had no problems with my extractions or my implants. My dentures are perfect. I want to thank your co-workers for their kindness and excellent service.

And finally, I want to thank you personally. As a patient, you have been the kindest and most considerate people I have encountered. They answered all the questions I asked and addressed all my concerns with great professionalism.

Many thanks.

Kevin Moore