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Our team is made up of the best specialists in dental aesthetics, endodontics, prosthodontics, implant surgery, gum treatment, and more.

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Get your quality treatment in Costa Rica, a unique destination in the world. Coordinate with us all the details of your stay in our country.

Medical Tourism in Costa Rica


We have the latest technology equipment and modern facilities located in Escazú, San José.

We understand that our customers have many choices for dental care. So why do our customers choose Colina Dental and return year after year with their friends and family? There are many wonderful dentists in Costa Rica. But Colina Dental has earned the confidence, repeat business and valuable referrals of many international patients for one simple reason. They care.

Sure…many dental centers do a higher volume of business. But no other dental team cares more for their patients than Colina Dental. While many dental clinics try to be the biggest or the fastest, Colina Dental is a fresh alternative…a family dental practice built on the foundation of caring for and treating every customer like family.

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  • Dr. Tatiana Madrigal

    Dr. Tatiana Madrigal


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  • Dr. Ana Graciela Varela

    Dr. Ana Graciela Varela


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  • Dr. Mauricio Fonseca

    Dr. Mauricio Fonseca

    Maxillofacial surgeon

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  • Dr. Claire Arnould

    Dr. Claire Arnould

    General Dentistry and Oral Surgery

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  • Dr. Rebeca Phillips

    Dr. Rebeca Phillips

    General Dentistry and Oral Surgery

  • Dr. Gabriela Oviedo

    Dr. Gabriela Oviedo

    Pediatric Dentistry

  • Dr. Gabriela Sibaja

    Dr. Gabriela Sibaja

    Patient Coordinator

  • Dr. Tatiana Cárdenas

    Dr. Tatiana Cárdenas


  • Dr. Luisana Echandi

    Dr. Luisana Echandi


  • Dr. Belén Barrantes

    Dr. Belén Barrantes


More than 44 years returning smiles to national and international patients.

We are proud of our diverse team of experienced dental professionals, dentists and doctors that have made Colina Dental a recognized leader in Costa Rica dental care and global dental tourism for more than 44 years.

In our team there are specialists in all dental procedures: Prosthodontics, Implantology, Endodontics, Cosmetic Dentistry, Periodontics, Maxillofacial Surgery, Orthodontics and Pediatric Dentistry.

Each member of the team has trained in the best universities in Costa Rica and some other countries such as the USA, Mexico, Chile and Colombia, among others. In addition to the experience gained by each of them in the exercise of their profession, they all keep up-to-date in the advances on their fields by participating in courses, seminars, and conferences several times a year.

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Pediatric Dentistry and Baby Dentistry is based on a highly preventive branch of dentistry, emphasizing mainly the growth and child development of each individual, not only from the point of view of good oral health, but also more beyond this in order to promote proper general health. It is mainly based on avoiding the disease through the education of parents from a very early age, promoting adequate health and what is known as teamwork between the dentist, child and caregivers in order to establish a dental home along the way. throughout its growth.
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Thank you all again for your exceptional work creating my beautiful teeth and my lovely smile. My confidence has improved and I am so proud and happy to show everyone […]

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About Costa Rica

about costa rica

A unique destination in the world.

What makes Costa Rica a perfect place to visit is, not only the peacefulness of the country, but the unique biodiversity and wonderful places for incredible journeys and adventures.

The  “ticos” (the popular name by which its citizens are known) have always been proud of being born in a country who doesn’t have an army and dedicates that money to free and mandatory education for more than 95% of its population. For this and many other reasons, a lot of big international companies have established here, considering the appeal of the high level education of workers and professionals.

Medical and dental tourism has been profoundly developed due to the use of the latest technology that results in effective, modern and safe treatments with a notable price difference for patients, compared to what they would pay in their countries.

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