If you are visiting Costa Rica, and are looking for an excellent dental practice to provide you with the highest level of dental care, you will definitely want to come and visit us at Colina Dental. We have many top-notch dentists on staff who are able to provide you with a wide range of dental treatments, including dental surgery, dental implants, root canals, teeth extraction, dentures and many other dental services.

We have many excellent and highly trained dentists on staff who will be able to work with you in an effective time frame to meet your schedule. Among our expert dentists are: Dr. Julian Conejo Gutierrez, one of our fine prosthodontists who specializes in the replacement of missing teeth and the restoration of damaged or worn teeth; Dr. Oscar Conejo, our endodontist who performs Costa Rica dental surgery, when root canals or other endodontic procedures are needed, to help save the life of a tooth or to restore tooth; Dr. Maricarmen Terrace, our cosmetic dentist; Dr. Mauricio A. Clare Castro, also, a prosthodontist, who performs dental surgery to help patients restore their smiles, or have fantastic smiles created at our practice.

We also have other dental specialists including an additional prosthodontist, a pediatric dentist, and a periodontist on staff. As you can see, we are fully-staffed and able to provide our patients with any immediate Costa Rica dental surgery or care that you may need.

Some of our specialties at our dental practice are dental implant roots and crowns, to all-on-four-full mouth reconstructions. At our practice we offer the ultimate cosmetic dentistry care, at lower prices than in the US. However, you can be sure that our dentists provide the very highest level of quality care and treatments for our patients. In order for our dentists to provide more care during a short treatment time, we have our own on-site dental lab. This means that you will be able to get quicker dental crowns, bridges, dentures and other implant restorations — all created to perfectly fit your exact requirements.

Our dental practice is a leader in dental care in Costa Rica. We have been providing exemplary care for our patients for over 35 years. If you would like to meet with one of our fine dentists regarding some type of dental surgery or other dental care, contact us today.

Colina Dental

400 mts Sur del Cruce Escazú – Santa Ana

San Rafael de Escazú, Costa Rica

US (888) 398-5435

CA (418) 948-3393


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