Endodontics (Root Canal)

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While a root canal is the solution to many endodontic problems, sometimes endodontic surgery is necessary to save your tooth.

If you have persistent pain or discomfort, but can’t seem to find the problem on x-ray, it’s possible that your tooth may have an undetected fracture or canal that could be the source of your problem. With surgery, your endodontist can examine the root of your tooth, detect the problem, and provide the optimal treatment.

Usually, a tooth that has received a root canal can last the rest of your life without any problems. However, on rare occasions, a tooth may not heal completely. You may notice some pain or abnormal gum tissue months or even years after a root canal or other treatment. Surgery may be necessary to save your tooth and the surrounding bone.

Apicoectomy: (ap-e-sect-o-me) Root-end resection

Process: The endodontist opens the gum tissue to see the underlying bone and remove any inflamed or infected tissue. The very end of the root is also removed. A small filling seals the end of the root canal. A few stitches are placed in the gum to close the tissue.

Digital X-Rays:
No more expensive or time consuming x-rays.
Immediate digital x-rays and our “intra-oral” camera provide exact details of your teeth and jaws with no waiting.

Other endodontic surgeries include:

  • Repairing Injured Roots
  • Root Removal