3D Digital Dentistry

When it comes to your smile, you expect the best. This is why we utilize innovative 3D technology to provide you with a state-of-the-art dental experience that is second to none.

ORTHOPHOS XG 3D - 3D x-ray - 3D Dental Technology

At Colina Dental, the well being and safety of our patients is our priority! By incorporating 3D technology into our practice, we are able to provide you with faster, safer solutions for all of your dental needs.

We proudly use the ORTHOPHOS XG 3D, the most popular and leading edge 3D x-ray unit in the world. This amazing technology allows our dental professionals to capture a highly detailed image of your entire jaw in just a single scan – resulting in a quicker diagnosis and reduced exposure to radiation.

If you require prosthetic or surgical dental implants, you can trust Colina Dental to provide you with long-lasting results. By utilizing our cutting-edge 3D technology, we can achieve extreme precision in the planning and placement of your dental implants – leaving you with the most natural looking, beautiful smile.

Digital Dentistry Benefits:

  • Faster, Safer Procedures
  • More Accurate, Precise Results
  • Reduced Radiation

3D Digital Dentistry - Cutting-Edge 3D Technology Costa Rica