For the optimal level of dental care for you, your children, and for everyone in your family, think of us here at Colina Dental as your family dental clinic! We’re proud to offer a variety of valuable services from the routine to the restorative; from cosmetic to orthodontic. Need a root canal? How about an implant? Our attention to your needs as family members provides it all, done with the utmost of experience, expertise, and gentle care, in an office that represents the cutting-edge in terms of dental equipment and advanced techniques.

Our cosmetic services include teeth whitening, to counteract the effects of coffee, tea, cola, berries, tobacco and other common products that cause your teeth to become discolored or stained. Also, dental veneers, covering many possible aesthetic imperfections. Oral surgery is done with the skill that you expect, and painlessly so that you can have full confidence in both the results and in how you will feel during the procedure itself. For your child, you can count on our friendly and welcoming atmosphere to ensure that he or she will feel at home and completely at ease. Orthodontic care is also part of our list of services from our attention to your family dental needs. Get straighter teeth for yourself or for your child. And our onsite dental lab makes certain that you can get restorations and implants done right away. Immediate dental implants take out the frustration of waiting and let you have your complete smile back again. The state-of-the-art technology that we embrace includes 3D digital dentistry, giving you improved safety, as in the greatly reduced radiation for x-rays. And your restorations will be made to a degree of precision that would once have been considered impossible.

Meeting all of your needs and those of your children all in one dental office is the type of convenience and the high level of service that we take great pleasure in providing. Call us and schedule an appointment.

Colina Dental

400 mts Sur del Cruce Escazú – Santa Ana

San Rafael de Escazú, Costa Rica

US (888) 398-5435

CA (418) 948-3393

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