We’ve all heard of mixing business with pleasure but when that business is about getting a new set of teeth can it really be done while on vacation? Absolutely, if the business of teeth restoration is being done in Costa Rica by our Colina Dental practice. Low cost dental work in Costa Rica draws thousands of international patients to our practice each year, they come for the exceptional dental work and stay for vacation afterwards. Imagine having the highest quality dental work at substantial savings and then recuperating at one of our world-class beaches.

At Colina Dental, our goal is to provide the absolute finest dental care to our patients and make them look their best with dental restorations that feel totally natural, the fact that Costa Rica low cost dental work can save patients over 50 percent of the cost of having the same work done in the states is a bonus. Our staff is composed of a team of internationally trained and recognized experts in all fields of dental science and our office is fully equipped with the latest dental technology including digital 3-D imaging and laser equipment as well as a state-of-the-art in-house lab for fabricating your bridges, crowns and dentures. Our doctors offer the latest in dental restoration techniques such as All On Four Implants, which can replace a full set of upper and /or lower jaw permanent replacement teeth with each jaw mounted on just four implanted posts – all at great saving over the cost in the U.S..

Colina Dental offers professional endodontic treatments, periodontal treatments and surgery, orthodontics and pediatric dentistry. Our dental and support team is expert in minimizing your time in our office while maximizing the results. For instance, we offer consultations that are done before you leave your home and can tell you the cost saving before you arrive. Just email our office your x-rays or 3-D cat scans and we’ll work up a preliminary treatment plan and timeline. Our staff will help you arrange all aspects of your trip to our office and Costa Rica. Some people call this approach dental tourism because our practice is drawing such a big international following but we call it just great affordable dental care.

Colina Dental

400 mts Sur del Cruce Escazú – Santa Ana

San Rafael de Escazú, Costa Rica

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