When you need dental work, but you don’t have any insurance, or insufficient insurance, or it is just simply too expensive for you, we at Colina Dental have a fantastic solution for you. With our dental services which can also include a “dental vacation”, you can fly down here and get your dental work done at rates that are considerably more affordable than what you could expect to pay in the U.S and have a vacation in Costa Rica at the same time! And you will have this dental work done by our highly experienced and skilled dentist, so you can have total confidence that the quality of your treatment will be equal to or better than what you would expect at home, again all while enjoying a vacation in Costa Rica,too!

Our dentist for foreigners is pleased to offer a variety of services for you, our valued patient. When you come down for our dental vacation in Costa Rica, it may be to have oral surgery done. Among the reasons for this could be to have impacted wisdom teeth extracted; to have missing teeth replaced with dentures or dental implants; jaw surgery to address problems speaking, eating, swallowing, or breathing; TMJ correction; and bone grafting procedures, which can be helpful in allowing you to get dental implants even if your jawbone is considered insufficiently thick and strong enough to support them.

Root canal therapy can also be performed on your dental vacation to Costa Rica. The need for a root canal, typically caused by an infection in the pulp of your tooth as the result of a chipped or cracked tooth, a deep filing, or a severely decayed tooth allowing bacteria to get inside your tooth, severe pain can be very common when you apply pressure to the tooth or try to chew with it. Root canal therapy will provide the needed relief and save the tooth so that it doesn’t have to be extracted.

Our dental vacation plans can also include cosmetic dentistry, such as teeth whitening, porcelain veneers, and no prep Lumineers (a brand name of veneers). And don’t forget your gums. Periodontal treatments, and even surgery, can be done expertly. Among the procedures done are pocket elimination/flap surgery and tissue regeneration. For non-surgical gum treatment, our dentist can address advanced gum disease with scaling and root planing, a more thorough form of cleaning.

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