Medical Tourism Patients Benefit from CAD/CAM Technology

In an effort to offer its patients the best and most modern equipment and procedures in the cosmetic and restorative fields, the Colina Dental Clinic in Escazu has now instituted the proven treatment advantages of the CAD/CAM Dentistry technology, (Computer-Aided Design and Computer-Aided Manufacturing in Dentistry).

Colina Dental is one of the first, and very few dental offices, to offer to their patients this new and innovative technology. The Cad-Cam technology consists of an advanced software that allows the dentists to design their restorations by computer, whether they are crowns, veneers, inlays or dental implants preparations.

With the “CAD” portion of the procedure (Computer Aided Design), the dental technician specialized in this training has the capability of doing and undoing different patterns and designs, showing these to the patient for his approval. The CAD approach can also simulate the behavior of the restoration to see if it will ultimately be successful in the mouth.

The “CAM” portion of the procedure (Computer Aided Manufacture), has the extraordinary advantage of reducing the error that may be caused by a human manufacturing, while also reducing the cost of fabrication itself, because of the accuracy and efficiency of the 3D software.

The procedure works like this. After the restoration is designed by the CAD software and approved by the patient, the impression and crown data is transmitted to a milling machine, usually in another laboratory location in the same building.

The CAM precision milling machine then automatically carves a block of ceramic into whichever shape is needed.

In a matter of minutes, a patient can receive his crowns and veneers – a finished product with no need of more visits to the dentist.

Usually, everything can be done in one day, in one visit. Cad-Cam technology makes an experience at the dentist more pleasant, quicker, and with no need to take gummy impressions, and then returning again for long and repetitive appointments.

The Colina Dental Clinic is a private practice located in the town of Escazu, just 10 minutes away from San José center. It has been open for more than 30 years, providing its patient with outstanding care and treatments. It’s new and enlarged dental center, ultra modern in design and function, is among the most complete dental treatment centers in Costa Rica. They offer 7 different dental specialties, but their strongest aspect is cosmetic dentistry.

Medical tourism is one of the biggest attractions in many countries around the world, and especially, Costa Rica. International patients are being attracted to the different medical and dental options that a country such as Costa Rica has to offer. Not only is the same quality of treatment available here, but also, it is more affordable and accessible. The addition of CAD/CAM dental technology to the Colina Dental Clinic makes it possible for those travelers seeking quality dental care at affordable prices to receive the best modern treatment.

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