Some people look in the mirror and feel hopeless about their smile. Perhaps they’ve lost several teeth to tooth decay, gum disease or maybe even an accident. Perhaps they just haven’t had regular dental care or couldn’t afford the solutions they needed. For whatever reason, if you find yourself “hiding your smile” and in need of an affordable “smile makeover”, you’ve come to the right place. Colina Dental in Escazu, Costa Rica is one of the leading locations for affordable “full mouth reconstruction.”

Full mouth reconstruction describes a group of highly customized procedures whose purpose is to bring back a smile as well as to restore full chewing and eating capabilities for people who have lost it.

At Colina Dental, we have the technology and the experience to offer total dental rehabilitation including full mouth restorations. Imagine:

  • Being able to smile confidently
  • Being able to eat virtually ANY type of food
  • Being able to speak clearly
  • Being able to afford the care you need
Our full mouth reconstructions look exactly like natural teeth

Eliminate the need to cover your mouth when you smile. Speak in public without being self-conscious. Laugh openly without fear of embarrassment or judgment. No one—including you—will be able to tell the difference!

Our full mouth reconstructions feel just like natural teeth

After a small period of adjustment, your new teeth will feel like natural teeth. You’ll soon forget that you even have dental implants. No metal feeling or taste. No change in the taste of food. No feelings of discomfort. You’ll never feel that something “isn’t quite right.” A full mouth reconstruction with Colina Dental will be the best investment you ever make for your long-term health and happiness.

Our full mouth reconstructions work just like natural teeth

No need to pick and choose what you eat. No need to avoid certain “hard” foods. Eat all the types of food you like without having to worry whether your teeth are going to break or damage your teeth or hurt your gums.

At Colina Dental, our full mouth reconstructions come with the same level of quality and service that you’d expect in the United States or Canada. Our dentists are top professionals in their field, globally recognized dental leaders with training from the best dental schools in Costa Rica and abroad, and with years of experience to back them up. Our dental team speaks English, to eliminate any possible errors in translation and to make you feel at home asking questions or expressing concerns.

Colina Dental is Costa Rica’s most recommended dental center for a reason. Colina Dental has invested in the most modern facilities, the most cutting edge technology and equipment and has created an ambiance of relaxation and complete trust. We’ll do our best to make you feel at ease and to make you feel welcome as a part of the Colina Dental family.

When it comes to pricing, we promise to really make you smile. Colina Dental offers extremely competitive prices that will allow you to choose the top procedures and the highest quality materials that are out of reach for all but the wealthy in the US and Canada. We offer the highest quality care at savings of 50% to 80% when compared to prices in the US and Canada. While our prices may not be the lowest in Costa Rica, our 35+ years of experience and our track record with thousands of satisfied full mouth reconstruction patients ensures that Colina Dental is your top choice for a full mouth reconstruction in Costa Rica.

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